Xitlalli's Flowers (pronounced, seat-la-lee's) - Photo Gallery
In the process of our makeover we seem to have lost some Photo's please forgive us for that. We are still updating our site and ask for your patients as we regather our photos... Thank you 

Bridal Bouquet wrappedBridal Bouquet wrappedBridal & Maid of honor bouquet wrappedBridal Bouquet wrapped
Bridal bouquet arrangedBridal Bouquet Center pieces Center pieces
Center pieceFish bowl center piece Hand held bouquet 2013 Wedding
2013 Wedding2012 Wedding 2012 Wedding : Sunflower Bouquet
2013 Pambid Wedding bouquet Prom CorsageValentines 2012Valentines 2012
Valentines 20122014 Valentines St. Patrick Day Christmas 2012
Casket Piece 2014 Funeral 2013 Funeral pieceStanding Spray
Standing Spray Standing spray Round Photo ArrangementCasket Pieces
49er Helmet

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